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How it Works at Allen Young

Clear expectations lead to a better client experience

Shoe Order and Process

Our RTW and MTO lines are based on the US standard shoe size system (Brannock). Each shoe is hand lasted, hand welted and painted by hand. To ensure a proper fit, a trial pair is made in each category. Standard features on all orders include extra shoe laces and shoe cream as well as personalized concierge 1 on 1 service. Our RTW line is great for gentleman who don't have trouble fitting shoes out of the box and don't require extensive customizations to their shoes. Our MTO line expands on our RTW models by offering extended material and pattern options. Staying true to traditional shoe making methods, our Custom service is ideal for those discerning clients who desire a truly personal 1 of 1 pair of shoes. See details below.

  • Ready-to-Wear

    Our Ready to Wear line is our handmade take to offering an accessible approach to ordering well-fitting and artistically crafted shoes. Each shoe is hand lasted and hand welted and painted by hand.


    • Price $600
    • Construction: Goodyear Welt or Glued construction
    • Trial Fitting: Yes
    • Last: Standard size last
    • Sole: Leather or Rubber
    • Style: House style
    • Leather: House style
    • Shoe Tree: Not Available
    • Shoe Bag: Not Available
    • Delivery Time: 4 to 6 weeks (including trial fitting)
  • Made-To-Order

    Our Made-To-Order service offers the opportunity to make a personalized shoe. Extended options are based on our Ready-To-Wear models. Make pattern modifications, chose from expanded selection of leathers for upper as well as toe shape and sole options.  

    • Price start at $975
    • Construction: Goodyear Welt or Glued construction
    • Trial Fitting: Yes
    • Last: Standard size last
    • Sole: Leather or Rubber
    • Style: Modifications can be made based on RTW styles
    • Leather: As chosen by the client request
    • Shoe Tree: Not Available
    • Shoe Bag: Yes
    • Delivery Time: 4 to 8 weeks (based on material availability)
  • Custom

    Our custom service offers you extensive design control beyond those of our MTO service which includes a wider range of material selections to choose from. Your personalized shoe last is prepared followed by the production of your unique pattern. Final details are brought together to create the shoe design of your choice.  


    • Price starts at $2000
    • Construction: Goodyear Welt or Glued construction
    • Trial Fitting: Yes
    • Last: Custom wooden last from scratch
    • Sole: Leather or Rubber
    • Style: Client can choose pattern modifications from a select range of options
    • Leather: Client can choose from a select range of materials
    • Shoe Tree: Custom wooden shoe tree
    • Shoe Bag: Yes
    • Shoe horn: Metal shoe horn (1st order)
    • Delivery Time: 15 to 20 weeks (including trial fitting)

Tailored Approach

From head to toe

Body Measurement and Fitting Process

    1. Choose Your Garment


    • Browse from the various product selections and designs.


    2. Place Your Custom Order


    • Add your selection(s) to the cart.

    • Enter your height, weight and size your normally wear.

    • Enter your fit preferences and any additional information for our team to review.


    3. Try-On Fitting


    • We will send you a free try-on garment that is custom-made just for you 


    4. Try-Fit Review


    • Send us your try-on fitting photos for review to Please use a well- lit location preferably with a neutral color background. 

    • At this stage, we will access your try-on fit, make the necessary adjustments before creating your unique pattern and have a chance to connect with you on your overall wardrobe needs.


    5. Final Fit


    • Your final garment is shipped to you and your final measurements and adjustments are updated on your pattern and profile.